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Protect against common mistakes that cost time and energy to fix


I just force push to master.

Your Senior Engineer

My GUI doesn't have a button for that.

Your Head of Operations

RepoGuard helps fix...

bad commit icon
Bad commit messages

Like "bug fixes", "wip", "J1R4-123", and "whoops"

wrong branch icon
Merges / PRs to the wrong branch

Don't let them skip testing!

bad branch name icon
Bad branch names

git checkout -b feature/stuff

missing branch protection rules icon
Missing branch protection rules

Sometimes saying "don't push to release" isn't enough.

team problems icon
Team and Collaborator problems

Repos missing teams / collaborators or with duplicates

I don't need to submit a pull request, it's just a quick fix.

The New Guy

It won't compile but I pushed it to master anyway.

So Many People

Some benefits...

checklist icon
Better organization, less management

Spend time writing code, not fixing PRs.

discover icon
Discover Hidden Problems

Find issues you didn't even know you had.

protect icon
Recommended Changes

Helpful suggestions on fixing common issues.

organize icon
Organize Your Workflow

Cactus, git-flow, three-flow, or custom.

enforce icon
Enforce Team Organization

Reminders and alerts when workflow deviates.

His commit messages are so bad.

Frustrated Team Member

I don't have access to that repo.

Person that should have access

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